Daniel Haas

The official Daniel Haas website will be here soon! In the mean time, go visit the official Daniel Haas Myspace page!

Daniel Haas. Producer. Singer. DJ. Star.

"Music has always been a huge part of my life... I started Cello lessons when I was 5, and then later, Guitar and Piano. Over that time I scored a few music scholarships, and did national and international tours." With the basics under his belt, he turned to writing and producing urban music. "It's definitely an exciting area to be in... there's always a new boundary to push."

The single "Don't walk away" was his first urban release, which received spins across the nation. The follow-up single, "Gone too far" was also received radio spins and dance floor action.

"The new release is coming along nicely. I've been spending load of time in the studio laying down vocals and finishing off some new beats. We've missed a few [self imposed] release dates, but I decided at the start to take my time on this one and get it right. It's cookin... a good dish takes time to cook!" Word.

In addition to his own work, Daniel Haas is also developing a number of new artists. "It's always cool to hook up with new artists... to basically bounce ideas off each other and see where we end up".

Release of the first single from the new Daniel Haas album is slated for August 2007... so stay tuned!

Official Daniel Haas Website